Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cheyenne turns 18 months old

Well, Cheyenne turned 18 months old today. I can't believe a year and a half has just passed in the blink of an eye. It is definitely bittersweet...I'm so glad she is growing and learning and becoming more beautiful every day but I am also sad, longing for the days when I could just hold her for hours on end and give her a bottle.

She is such a happy, vibrant little girl and is so smart. She is running all over the place now, climbing up on all of the furniture and now she is jumping. She will jump all around the den laughing and squealing. She loves her bath time, but hates having her face washed, which she has disliked since she was born.

She is beginning to imitate everything. She copies and repeats things she hears and is learning to say new things and make new sounds every day. She was eating a sucker this morning and when she was tapping it on the pedals of the exercise bike, Grandpa told her not to do that because the sucker is sticky. Cheyenne said "ticky".

She is growing up so fast and is learning so much. She will go into the kitchen and look at the number and letter magnets and she will point to some of them and tell me what they are. Her favorites are B, D, E, I, M (even though she doesn't say "M", she says "Mama"), and T. She has been able to recognize the number 1 for a while and now she is recognizing the number 2. She walked up to me the other day and counted some blocks I had sitting out. She walked up and said "1, 2, 3" Just in the last few days, she has started counting to 5 by herself.

She loves to share her juice and food with her babies and she even holds them up so they can watch the tv with her. She is beginning to interact with her tv shows now. If they ask something, they usually ask 3 times and the third is the correct answer, so she now knows and says no for the first 2 choices and sometimes even on the third, but sometimes she says yes. When they count something, she will count with them up to five and she will say some things that are usually a part of the show.

Her favorite shows are Fresh Beat Band (by don't interrupt her while she's watching this...she will tune you out.), Blue's Clues, Yo Gabba Gabba, Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go. She likes some other too, but these are her favorites and the ones she interacts with.

I had to take her to an allergist last week to get allergy tested because I was afraid she was allergic to strawberries. She would get a really bad diaper rash and the last time she had them, she got a rash across the bridge of her nose and cheeks. That was the worst thing I have ever had to do. They pricked her back 3 times and then I had to hold her still on her stomach across my lap for 15 minutes. Let me tell you, that is not easy with a 17 month old. Then we went to the lab to have blood drawn to do a blood test as well. Apparently she doesn't have good veins like I do, because the tech couldn't find her vein and I had to sit there and watch him dig in Cheyenne's arm trying to get the vein for about 3 or 4 minutes. She is screaming the whole time. Then he finally took it out (her little arm was already bruised) and tried the other arm. He had a little trouble with the other arm, but not as much as the first. He finally got her vein and as able to draw blood. The skin test was negative and I am waiting to hear back on the blood test.

I couldn't be any more proud of my little angel and she is just growing like a weed and getting smarter and more beautiful every day.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cheyenne's First Halloween Party

Cheyenne and I have joined a playgroup recently and we attended our first playdate on Monday. It was a little Halloween Trick or Treat out at a park in Plano. All the kids dressed in their costumes and they had a few of the moms handing out candy so all the kids got to go Trick or Treating. Cheyenne was an adorable little ladybug and was so cute.

They had pizza too and Cheyenne ate some cheese pizza and then got to go get her candy. We all just kind of hung out on the pavillion and visited and then we kind of migrated to the playground and the kids played on the playground for a while.

It was a great time, and I look forward to future playdates with this group. There are several kids around Cheyenne's age and I think this will be a good group to get to know. We are signed up for several more playdates over the next month or so. This group is so active that there is something scheduled almost every day and sometimes more than one. I am really excited about meeting some new moms and letting Cheyenne get to make some friends and be able to interact with other kids her age.

She just keeps growing

It seems every day is more and more bittersweet as I see my little Cheyenne growing up, no longer a tiny baby I could just sit and hold for hours, but growing up and becoming a beautiful little girl. She is walking (and running) all over the place, cimbing on everything (the couch, the fireplace, the recliners) and now starting to imitate things.

She is obsessed with Blue's Clues. She wants to watch it all the time and she does the gesture for Blue's Clues as is done in the show. She walks (or runs) up to me and says "Boo! Boo! Boo!" while making the gesture and I know she is adamantly requesting Blue's Clues. She has a favorite episode that we watch over and over and now she is starting to mimic the events in the show. There is a part where they clap their hands and she will clap her hands with them. Then there is a song that where they clap their hands, stomp their feet, jump up and down and at the end scream. She does every bit of it. It is hilarious.

She is learning some of her letters. She knows B and S and she knows the number 1. She also recognizes M, but doesn't say M. She says "Momma". There are so many things that she is doing and I am amazed every day at how fast she is growing and everything she is learning.

When we go out into the garage to get in the car to go somewhere, she walks directly around the car, doesn't wander out into the driveway. She knows to hold Mommy's hand when we walk out onto the front porch and a lot of times, she will stop and hold her hand up to hold my hand as we are walking somewhere. It amazes me the things that I have taught her without realizing it. Kids are so absorbent and they pick up on patterns and repetitive behavior (such as holding her hand every time we walk out the front door and now she won't go out the front door until I am holding her hand). When we get out of the car in the garage, again, she doesn't walk out into the driveway, she walks around the back of the car and straight up to the back door.

I just can't believe that she is turning into a little girl now and not just a baby. She follows directions, for the most part and if she is asked to do something or pick something up, she does it. I just can't believe how well behaved she I'm sure that will change before long so I am going to enjoy it while I have it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Climbing fun

Well, little Miss Cheyenne has a new love....climbing. It hasn't gotten out of control yet, but she is definitely testing her climbing skills (and keeping Mommy in a constant nervous state). She turned 15 months about a week ago and like I say every month, she is like a whole new baby...excuse me...Little girl. She is no longer the little baby that just laid there or let me hold her for hours on end. She is now a precious little girl who makes it known when she is not happy and lets everyone know what she wants. She is testing her balance (along with my patience) on a daily basis. On her 15 month "birthday", she learned to crawl up on the couch. Now she is crawling up there every 5 minutes and standing up, walking and crawling from side to side over the console seat. She will crawl over to the lamp on either side of the couch and say what is her version of light. Then she will sign that it is hot. Sure, she has fallen off the couch a couple of times, luckily she didn't get hurt, but she has learned from it already and is more careful about how she gets down.

She is also in love with the fireplace. She will crawl up on there or just sit down on it, and stand up on the hearth or sit there and watch her tv shows. She really is cute sitting there, but I am always on alert when she is up there. I don't want to tell her no every time, she needs to be able to explore her surroundings, but I am ready at any moment to go lunging across the room to get her if she falls. She is really pretty careful and seems to know that if she falls, she could get hurt.

My little girl is growing up every day and I see differences in her all the time. She will now do small tasks I ask her to do, such as putting up the pieces to her Mr. Potato Head. She will go get the pieces and bring them to the case. Or picking up her flash cards that she throws all around the room. She will pick them up a few at a time and bring them to me. She will also put her books up if they get strewn around the room. She is just becoming such a little girl and I love her more every day (if that is possible).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh the fun we are having!!

So...I am writing this from my "Mommy Time Out Corner". Why, you ask, am I writing from my "Mommy Time Out Corner"? Because I see it has been almost 3 months since I last updated my blog, so I have put myself in time out.

I guess to me, it doesn't seem that much has happened over the last 3 months, but looking back, so many things have happened.

As of my last entry, Cheyenne was just turning 1 and had her first birthday. Well, she's come a long way since then. No longer is she just the little girl walking around. She is now the little toddler running around, climbing on things, starting to talk up a storm and learning new signs almost every day.

She loves to go out and have some outdoor time after dinner and before bath time and that's usually when she has a little Grandpa time and he pushes her in her "wee" (swing). She gets so excited to swing that you can't mention it until you are actually walking out the door. All you hear from her is "wee!! wee!! wee!!" over and over again until she is in the swing.

Here lately we've also been drawing a lot with chalk on the sidewalk after swing time. We play out in the front yard and draw all over the sidewalk and have a good time. Sometimes she likes to play in the sprinklers and run through the yard while they are on.

She is eating anything and everything it seems...some days she has a ravenous appetite, the next, she doesn't want any more than just a few bites. One day she'll love her chicken nuggets, the next time, she won't touch them. So that's how mealtime goes around here, but she is a pretty good eater in general and likes just about everything.

She is learning new signs all the time. We look at our alphabet book and sign the ones we know (and I look up the ones I don't). What amazes me is that she will sign something when she sees a picture of it, but hadn't been signing it if she saw it in her daily life. One day we were on the way to the doctor and we were sitting at a red light and a guy rode by on a bicycle. Now, she has seen pictures of bikes in her book and signed it. When she saw this guy on a bike, it didn't occur to me to tell her it was a bike and try to sign it while she is in the backseat and can't see me. All of a sudden, I hear "bi" and I look at her and she is signing it. I was so excited. It was so neat. That was also the first time she signed a sentence. She signed "more cracker" She is just getting so big and learning so much.

Cheyenne also got another double ear infection, I think possibly due to two more bottom teeth coming in. She now has 8 teeth and her dentist said her molars could be coming in at any time, because they are a little swollen. Cheyenne was a little snotty one morning and coughing a little and I didn't really think much about it because she had her two bottom teeth coming in and that's what happens every time she gets teeth in. Even when she was running a low-grade fever (100 - 101 degrees) I wasn't too worried because again, she has run low fever 24 to 48 hours before every set of teeth have come in. But when she just started looking bad and looking like she didn't feel good, I called the doctor, but of course they had just closed. So the next morning, I took her temp and it was 102.5 degrees. I immediately called the doctor and got her in that morning. She had an ear infection in one ear and the other one was very red and in the beginning stages of infection. So, we had 10 days of antibiotics, stronger than before, which yielded constant diarrhea for 10 days and constant diaper rash for 10 days +. She is fine now and was ack to her usual self within a couple of days of starting the antibiotic.

She is talking more and more...a lot of it still doesn't make sense to anyone but me, but that's okay. Anytime someone is around, mainly people that she doesn't know or isn't part of her daily life, she has to make sure they know I am "Momma". She will pat me on the shoulder or chest or point to me and say "Momma". At night, she tells everyone "Ni Ni" (night night) and waves to them and blows kisses. She's going through a phase right now where she doesn't want to give kisses good night like she has been. She gets really fussy when it's time to go to bed, but once she's in her bed, she tells me "Ni Ni" and is quiet and goes to sleep. I'll never forget the first night (I tell her night night and I love you every night as I walk out of the room) that I said night night as I was walking out and I heard her say it back. It was so sweet.

She has gotten kind of clingy lately and that's okay too. It's actually kind of sweet, because I wondered if she would notice if I fell off the face of the Earth. I think as long as Grandpa (aka BaBa) was around she'd be okay pretty quickly. But lately, if she gets upset or falls down and gets hurt, or anything, she comes running to me and buries her face in my lap and if I pick her up at that time, she will just put her arms around me and cling to me.

She's also starting to climb on things...she loves to walk over to her walker and stand on the base and lean up on it and lay across it. She thinks that is the neatest thing in the world. She also likes to climb up on the fireplace, which of course I discourage and redirect her activity to something a little safer. She is also starting to walk up to the couch or chair and try to lift her knee up there and climb up but she's not quite tall enough yet.

There are so many other things that she is doing and I could go on forever, but I won't.....
I promise I will update again very soon.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Cheyenne

Because of getting ready for Cheyenne's birthday party and everything, I didn't get this posted on her birthday, so here it is now!!

Happy 1st Birthday Cheyenne!!

You have brought me more joy over this last year than I could ever hope for. I have truly loved watching you grow and learn everyday. Even though it went by much faster than I would have liked.
I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday.

You have grown in so many ways and learned so many new things. Some of my favorites are:

The day you came home. You were so beautiful.

The first time you met your Bubba. He loves you so much and was so excited to meet you and even wanted to feed you.

You used to squeak and make noises when you slept. I was always so afraid you would stop breathing. I barely slept at night because I would listen to make sure you were breathing. Sometimes, you would go a few seconds between breaths and I would get so scared, but then I would hear you breath again and be so relieved.

You were absolutely the most precious baby when you started smiling. You have always been such a happy baby and you would smile all the time.

You turned from back to tummy. You worked on it for several days. Of course the time you actually did it, I was in the middle of clearing the camera of all the previous attempts.

You were so cute when you started scooting around. We could no longer just contain you on the blanket. You would scoot right off of it. You never liked being on your tummy until you realized you could move. You would cry and fuss until I turned you back over. Even when you turned from back to tummy, you would then cry and fuss until I turned you back over. But once you realized you could scoot around, you were didn't mind being on your tummy anymore.

The first time you had cereal was so funny. You weren't really sure about it, and it was extremely messy. You have come so far with eating.

Then you started sitting on your own and before I knew it, you were getting into a sitting position all by yourself.

When you started crawling, it was all over. Gone were the days of putting the baby down on the blanket and being able to go to the bathroom or get dressed or anything. You were on the move and you haven't slowed down yet.

I loved watching you "cruise" along the furniture and then you got to where you would just stand there and let go and throw your hands up in the air and be so excited.

Then came the day when you took your first steps at 10 1/2 months old. You took 2 steps and fell on your face. The funny thing was, you didn't cry. You came up laughing. Then you would take 2 steps and purposely throw yourself on your face. You would laugh every time and thought that was great fun!!

Since then, your walking has improved, you have gotten more steady and are now getting faster.

I have loved every minute of your 1st year. Yes, even the fussy times. Yes, even when you were colicky and wouldn't stop crying no matter what I did. Yes, even when I was exhausted from lack of sleep. It was all worth it to have such a beautiful princess like you!!

To be honest, every moment of the last year has been my favorite moment. Every time you smile at me is one of my favorite moments. Every time you come I couldn't have asked for a sweeter,prettier baby girl. I couldn't have designed you any better myself. I thank God every day for bringing you into my life and blessing me in such awesome ways.

I love you so much Cheyenne!! I love being your Mommy and I look forward to all the other firsts that are coming our way and watching you grow into a beautiful little girl and young woman.

Happy 1st Birthday Princess!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Walking Already??

Well, just about 2 weeks shy of 11 months, Cheyenne is starting to walk. She has been cruising along the furniture, walls, and people for almost 2 months now and she has really strengthened her legs. Of course, since she was 3 months old, she was wanting to stand up in people's laps and started getting her leg strength then.

She is standing up and walking a few steps at a time! She started out by putting her hands on her diaper wipes box and not just standing herself up, but picking up the box as she stood up! Now she is just standing up from sitting or crawling. Then once she gets up, she will take a couple or three steps before falling down or catching her balance and sitting back down. Sometimes, she will be walking beside me holding on to just one finger and she will let go all of a sudden and take a few steps on her own. She's also standing up at the furniture or her walker and just turning and walking away.

She is learning new signs and it is so cute to see her tell me what she wants. When she is starting to get tired, (or maybe she just knows when it is naptime) she will look up at me and sign and say "bed". So she takes her bottle and goes down for a nap. At bedtime, she knows that when she has her bottle, after that she tells Nana & Grandpa night-night and she tells them bye and "bed" as she signs it.

After dinner, she starts signing and saying "bath". So we get nake and I go start the bath. When I take her to get in the bath, we have to stop in the bathroom in front of the big mirror so she can see herself in the mirror and tell herself that she is going to take a bath. She loves her bath as she has since she was born!! She splashes and laughs and plays with a few toys and has a ball!! She likes to pet the duck (her bathtub is a huge rubber duck) and is starting to want to give the duck a bath too!!

She is just starting to sign "eat". Sometimes she does it correctly and other times she just puts a flat hand up to her mouth a few times, but she gets her point across. She isn't really to the point of telling me she needs to eat, I usually am on top of that and she doesn't have to tell me, but when I tell her it's time to eat, she will start signing it.

She has 6 teeth now!! She has 4 on top and 2 on bottom. The 4 on top are still in various stages of being in all the way, but nontheless, she has 6 teeth and is so precious when she smiles and you can see all of them.

She is learning her different body parts and if you ask her where her feet are, she will be more than happy to pick them up and show them to you!! If you ask her where her head is, she will slap herself in the head a few times and smile and laugh!! If you ask her where her ear is, she will either hold on to it, or stick her finger in it!!

She is getting so big so fast and she is at such a cute age right now and I can't wait to see what she does next!! I can't believe in just over a month, we'll be celebrating her 1st birthday!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cheyenne's 10 month "Birthday"

So another month has passed and my little Cheyenne is now 10 months old! She is growing so fast and learning each and every day!! She is teething once again. She is now getting in her 4 top teeth all at the same time. They are all in various stages of coming in. Three of them have already poked through and are working on being in all the way. The 4th one is just under the surface, but I can feel it, so it will be pushing through in the next day or so. So here pretty soon, she will have 6 teeth in all the way.

I have started her on some solid foods. She eats what we call puffs, which are kind of like Cheerios, but softer and dissolve quickly in their mouth. She is also eating Gerber Yogurt Melts, which melt in her mouth also. But she doesn't give them a chance to. She will put them in her mouth and start chewing. She is so cute when she chews...

She has also been eating avocado for a while now, and now I am leaving it a little chunky and she eats it with no problem. When I give her a bite, she will chew up the chunks and then open her mouth when she is ready for more. She loves her avocado!!

Even though she can't produce a lot of different sounds as far as words, she talks quite a bit!

Some of her favorite words are:

BaBa - Grandpa
Bubba - Devon
Baaa (while patting her chest) - bath
Ba - Ball
Boo - Book

Did you notice how almost everything started with B? She knows exactly what she's saying and it's funny to see her look at us as if to say "Hello? Don't you know what I'm saying?"

She is cruising along not only the furniture, but along the fireplace, walls, cabinets, chairs and pretty much anything that is in her way. She loves to get her big ball and stand up and try to walk with it. She also loves to bounce her face off of it!! It's hilarious! She also will crawl over to her push walker and stand up and walk across the room.

She is starting to hug...that is pat pat. She doesn't squeeze hug anymore like she did for a while, but now she will pat you on the back of the shoulder. It's so cute!!

She is so interested in whatever someone is doing, she will watch and try to figure out how to do it and if she can't, she is making a mental note to remember it for later. She really is such a smart little girl. She knows where her feet are and when I ask her where her feet are, she will grab her feet and almost roll over backwards. She also knows where her head is and she will pat her head when I ask her where her head is.

I can't believe it has been 10 months since she was born. I guess one day next week, I will wake up and she'll be leaving for her first day of high school!!

I only have 2 months until her 1st birthday! Time is moving so fast, so I started looking at decorations and party stuff today to start planning her birthday party. It will be here before we know it!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cheyenne's 9 Month Update

Well, Cheyenne is just over 9 months and is growing like a weed!! I can't believe that this past 9 months went so much faster than the previous 9 months that I was pregnant!! Somehow that doesn't seem fair!! Although I have to say she is progressing just as fast as when she was developing in the womb! I can't believe it's less than 3 months until her first birthday!!

Cheyenne got to go on her first vacation and trip a couple of weeks ago when we went down to spend a week with Aunt Leigh Ann & Uncle Christian to help out with Claire and Rachel after Leigh Ann came home from the hospital after having Zoe. Cheyenne, Rachel & Claire all played so well together and had a great time!

She is cruising (walking along holding onto the furniture) very well and she will walk with assistance. Much thanks to Aunt Leigh Ann and Uncle Christian for sending the little car/walker back with us from Austin! Cheyenne loves it and is walking behind it all by herself. She crawls up to it and stands up behind it and will walk across the room or if I put her behind it, she will take off walking across the room pushing it. Sometimes, she will even stop and dance, then continue walking across the room! It is so cute!!

Cheyenne sitting on her new car!!

Cheyenne also got anew big girl carseat!! She is growing so fast that her little infant carrier was getting too small and she wasn't comfortable in it anymore...not to mention she was nearing the weight maximum for it. So she has a new carseat and is so cute in it!! She rides much more comfortably now and seems to like it!

Cheyenne in her new big girl carseat!!

Cheyenne also has a new tooth coming in! She is getting one of her top teeth in right now and she is taking it much easier than the first two!! It broke through a few days ago and is barely visible, but it is through and will be all the way in before we know it!

She hasn't been sleeping as well at night or naptime, but that is to be expected when teething, plus she is going through a major milestone getting ready to walk, so that could be contributing to the sleep issues. A few weeks ago, I started sleep training with her and it was hard at first to put her down and listen to her cry or fuss until she finally put herself to sleep. She is getting much better at bedtime, naptimes are still difficult because if she sees light, she thinks she should be up!! Although at least she doesn't lay back there and cry anymore, she just sits in her crib and plays for a while until she falls asleep. Hopefully soon, she will get back to regular sleeping habits and not have any more problems.

Cheyenne is just changing every day before my eyes. I can't believe it's already been 9 months since she was born. Her hair is getting so long and starting to get thicker. Her hair is so fine and absolutely straight...not a curl on her little head...just like her Momma's was! She is the most beautiful baby girl and I couldn't have asked for a happier baby!! She is absolutely the happiest baby I have ever seen...she is always (almost) in a good mood and smiling or laughing.

Awesome picture taken by Uncle Christian while we were in Austin

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cheyenne's First Vacation

Just short of 9 months old, Cheyenne had her first road trip and vacation! We went down to Austin to stay with my sister Leigh Ann and brother-in-law Christian for a week to help with Rachel & Claire after Leigh Ann came home from the hospital with Baby Zoe.

Cheyenne is very good in the car, but this was a bit of a long drive. Mimi & Pop drove us to Waco and Mom & Dad met us there to take us the rest of the way to Austin. We ate lunch at the Elite Cafe before heading on down to Austin. Cheyenne got a little restless in the car as we left about naptime hoping she would fall asleep and sleep most of the way there. She didn't. She fussed a little off and on and as is about right, she finally closed her eyes to fall asleep as we pulled into the parking space at the Elite Cafe. But she only stayed like that for a couple of minutes, then she was awake.

So we ate lunch at the Elite Cafe and I fed Cheyenne while we were there. She was pretty good in the restaurant like she always is. She was so excited to see Nana & Grandpa so she got a little restless and after a little "Grandpa time" she was better.

Then we got everything loaded up into Mom & Dad's car for the second leg of the journey. Got Cheyenne in a clean diaper and off we went. She was asleep before we even got all the way around the circle and back onto the highway. She slept for about an hour and it's a good thing the trip wasn't much longer than that because she started fussing not long after she woke up. You know, when we are in the car, we can move around and reposition ourselves. Poor Cheyenne in her carseat can't do that, so she was getting a little tired of sitting in the same place for so long.

Once we got to Austin, Cheyenne was great!! We had some great times and lots of fun and playing. Cheyenne, Rachel & Claire all played so well together with almost no problems of toy stealing, hair pulling or beating up on each other. They all played together like they had been playing together forever. It was so cute to see them all playing together!!

Cheyenne, Claire and Rachel playing together with the Busy Zoo

All of the girls ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together and had snacks after naptime together and it was great!!

Rachel & Claire called Cheyenne "Chey" all week and they were always saying "Hi Chey", "Bye Bye Chey" or "Yay Chey!" It was so cute! When we would point to Cheyenne and ask the girls who that was and they would say "Chey!! Hi Chey!" Since they can't quite say Lori, they called me "Ri" so it was "Hi Ri" or "Bye Bye Ri". Again, precious!

We had such a great time on our little vacation and we all agreed that we will have to do it again sometime. I had such a good time holding little Baby Zoe and remembering when my little Cheyenne was that little. They grow up so fast and it was so nice to hold an itty bitty baby again!

Thank you to Leigh Ann and Christian for the wonderful accomodations and thank you to Rachel, Claire and Zoe for being so good and so fun to be with this past week!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cheyenne's New Bath

It's getting very difficult (and messy) to bathe Cheyenne in her baby bathtub in the sink anymore. She loves to splash and wiggle around and it's just not convenient anymore. So I went out and got her a new bathtub. It's an inflatable duck tub that fits inside the regular bathtub. It is so cute and last night, she had her first "big bath"!!

She had such a good time and was splashing around and was so cute! This tub is shaped like a duck and when you squeeze the beak, it quacks. So she thought that was funny.

It was much easier to bathe her that way (although I now need to get the little pad/stepstool to kneel down on since my knees aren't what they used to be) and she could splash and have fun without me having to worry about her falling. This tub is neat because I don't have to worry about her slipping in the big bathtub. It has a grooved bottom, which is inflatable too. And it's not really big to where she could move around a lot and slip. If she does fall over, it's full of air so it's cushioned! I love this bathtub and it's much easier!!
At the end of the bath, she petted the duck and told her goodbye....

Awwwww...could she be any cuter??

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cheyenne's First Real Sick Spell

My poor little Cheyenne is in the midst of her first official sick spell. She's had a couple of upper respiratory infections before where she was stuffy for a few days, which I think was all leading up to her teeth coming in. She started teething when she was 3 months old. And then she was pretty snotty when her teeth broke through.

But this time, she has been really snotty and coughing. Nana and Grandpa went down to see Cheyenne's cousins, Rachel and Claire a week or so ago and when they got back, Nana was sick with runny nose and coughing. Then, the net day, Cheyenne got really snotty and started coughing. I didn't really worry about it, figuring it was just a cold that is going around plus the cold weather probably didn't help. But then her fever reached 100 degrees which is nothing to worry about, but just wanted to alert her doctor and see what she said. She said to bring her in just to make sure it was just a cold. So of course this happens when we have a foot of snow on the ground. So I bundle Cheyenne up and take her to the doctor the day after it snowed all day long. So her throat and lungs are beautiful the doctor says. Then she looks in her ears and says that it's pretty we are going to put her on antibiotics. I asked her which ear and she said "both of them". So my poor Cheyenne has her first ear both ears!! Let's just hope this is a one time thing. I had a terrible time with ear infections as a baby and I just hope little Cheyenne doesn't have to go through that. She has been so cranky and fussy off and on..she will go long periods of time being just fine, then all of a sudden, just start screaming and crying and nothing makes it better. Not even Grandpa holding know it's bad when even Grandpa can't make it better!!

But she is doing much better now...we are halfway through the antibiotic treatment and her fussy sessions are fewer and farther between. The doctor wants to see her after 2 weeks to check her ears, and she is also due for her 2nd flu shots around the same time and also for her 9 month checkup...all around the beginning of March. So we'll be going to the doctor a lot over the next few weeks.

One good thing to come out of all of this...she may not be napping very well during the day, probably due to her stuffiness, but she has been sleeping all night long every night since she got sick. She will go to bed about 7:15 or 7:30 and she will sleep until 6:30 or 6:45 every morning. I'm hoping that will continue even once she feels better. get her to nap during the day again!

I'm just glad my sweet little girl is doing better and feeling more like herself, although this didn't really slow her down much...she was still all over the place and smiling and playing, she just had some "fussy sessions" thrown in the mix!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

8 Months Already???

Has it already been 8 months since my little princess was born? I can't believe it! Cheyenne turned 8 months old yesterday and just in the last month, but especially just in the last 2 to 3 days, she has learned so much!

She is still loving all of her food. I thought she might be having a problem with pears, since she developed a pretty bad diaper rash after starting pears. So I stopped the pears and once the rash went away, reintroduced the pears and she didn't have any more problems. So she must have just had a diaper rash. I started her on Apricots with Apples and Pears the other day and she has a little diaper rash again, so I am waiting until it goes away and going to reintroduce it and see if there are any more problems.

Well, my little Cheyenne is on the move. She is crawling now and just over the weekend, started pulling up in her Pack N Play and in her crib.

She also pulled up on the end table and up on the couch.

She started out getting up on her knees and within a couple of days, she was pulling up to her feet. She is even getting brave and letting go when she is on her knees and a couple of times when she was up on her feet. I am definitely not ready for that!!

She also loves to pull up to her play table and she is now able to really play with it and she dances when it plays music. She is so cute!!
She is waving to people now... of course she does it just like her Momma used to...waving at's precious!! Any time someone walks in the room, she will wave at them.
There is no more just sitting her down to play or laying her down to roll around a little bit. She is definitely mobile and I wonder if I am ever going to get to sit down again.
As I have been typing this, I have had to get up several times to move her back into the middle of the den and so I finally had to put up the gate. Unfortunately, right now it is very inconvenient because it isn't a walk thru gate, but it is also a tall gate so we can't step over it. So we have to walk through the front living room just to get to the kitchen. So now we are in the market for a good gate that we can put across the kitchen doorway to keep her out of the kitchen.
Cheyenne is one smart cookie...the other day I put the gate up into the kitchen and she saw me do that so she turned around and crawled to the other doorway out into the I had to put that gate up too!! Little Stinker!!
She has come such a long way in such a short time and I treasure every new thing she learns and can't wait to see what comes next...not sure I'm ready for it, but it will happen whether I am ready or not!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Food & developmental update

Well, like I said in my previous post, Cheyenne has started eating baby food. So far she has had peaches, sweet potatoes, green beans, applesauce, bananas, squash, peas, carrots and most recently, pears. She has loved everything she has had so far.
We had to take a haitus from applesauce and bananas for a while because I was afraid one of them was causing a breakout of bumps on her back and sides. I bathed her with oatmeal wash and used Eucerin lotion on her. After a few days they started going away and now they are completely gone. I then re-introduced apples and bananas after the doctor said it didn't look like a food allergy and didn't look dangerous. I finally came to the conclusion that it was the lotion that I started using on her the night before the bumps arrived. This is why I don't use generic products on her, apparently there was something different in the Target brand of Lavender bedtime lotion that wasn't in the J&J brand. I quit using the lotion after just 2 nights because I didn't like the feel of it, not really even because of the the time I thought it may be bananas. But I did come to the conclusion that the lotion was the culprit. I have since gotten the J&J brand and she doesn't have a problem.

Now, our new problem, apparently she could be allergic to pears. Which is odd, because pears is usually on of the first foods recommended. She started pears the other day and has had a really bad diaper rash ever since. Every time she has a BM, wherever it was touching her is fire engine red and rashy. So I have stopped pears for awhile to let that clear up and then I will try again to determine if it is the pears, or if she just got a diaper rash. We'll see.

So far I have been really lucky...she hasn't been allergic to anything (except maybe the pears) and she hasn't disliked anything.

She is now eating Level 2 foods, so I'll be able to start her on some of the combinations soon.

She is growing up so fast and learning so many new things. She is now clapping and she has this new face where she scrunches up her mouth and nose and sometimes her eyes if she smiles while she's doing it. It's so cute. I already miss some of the other faces of Cheyenne that I've seen over the past 7 months, but there are also many more to come.

Yesterday, she was sitting on the floor playing with her SillyTown and she pulled herself up onto her knees. While this toy is a long row, it is not stable, so I told her to sit down and was getting ready to sit her back down when over she went. Very slowly, almost like slow motion, her weight toppled the town over backwards and she ended up laying on top of it. No, she wasn't hurt....she thought it was funny....

Today, she was laying in her pack & play and I went to sit her up and she pushed with her legs and wanted to stand up so I stood her up and she stood up in the pack & play and held on to the edge and stood there all by herself for a few seconds. I didn't dare take my hands off of her for more than the second it took to snap the picture.
I can't wait to see what she learns next!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Well, so far 2010 has been a good year! On January 8th, Cheyenne turned 7 months old and she is just growing so fast and doing so many new things.

She is babbling a mile a minute now...she strings long "sentences" of da da da da, and ba, ba, ba, ba and ma, ma, ma, ma. When she is upset or tired, or wants something, she will say Ma, ma, ma, mama, mama, over and over again. She also will say Mama when she wakes up during the night or from her naps. She is also starting to say Bubba...She will say Bu, Bu, Bu, and sometimes put them together and say "Bubba" and of course Devon gets a kick out of that. Bubba is her nickname for Devon and he just gets so excited and proud when she says Bubba.

Cheyenne starting eating baby food at 6 months and she is doing great. The first food I introduced to her was peaches. Every once in a while, she will make a funny face when she eats them because they are a little tart. Then I gave her sweet potatoes and she absolutely loves her sweet potatoes. She will sit in her high chair and just sit there with her mouth open waiting for the next bite! It's so cute!

Then we introduced green beans and she likes them okay. Sometimes she eats them with gusto and sometimes I have to work at getting her to eat them. But she doesn't spit them out, so at least she doesn't dislike them. I did get my first baby food sneeze the other day. I was feeding her green beans and as soon as she took a bite, she sneezed!! Of all things, a green bean couldn't have been a sweet potato or banana sneeze, had to be a green bean sneeze!! But it was so sweet & funny.

Next, we started bananas and she loves her bananas. She smacks her lips whenever she eats pretty much any of her foods and she hasn't shown a dislike for anything yet. We have also started applesauce and she loves her applesauce. We have also started squash and she seems to like that. The first time, she didn't eat it with as much gusto, but the second time she ate it, she loved it!

She still likes her cereal as well and so far has liked everything that comes near her mouth. Everything except for black-eyed peas that is....But I think that was my fault. On New Year's Day, we went over to Mimi & Pop's for our New Year's black eyed peas. Since everyone is supposed to eat black-eyed peas for luck, I mashed a couple up with my fork and gave them to Cheyenne. She didn't like them....she almost choked and then scrunched up her face indicating she didn't want any more. But I think I didn't get them mashed up enough for her and she didn't care for it like that. We'll try again when I can make it the right way.

We are taking a break from bananas and applesauce for a while because she has broken out in little bumps all over her torso and one arm. They don't really have any color, except when I am bathing her, but we are going to the doctor today to see if that is possibly an allergy. Since I am allergic to bananas, this could be a possibility. But it didn't start until she started applesauce and had also been drinking apple juice, of course diluted half and half with water.

She is learning so many new things...she has learned to clap in the last few days. She has started clapping on her own, but if we clap, she will start clapping too! What was really funny, was we were watching the Cowboys first playoff game the other day and Grandpa and I were getting really excited and would clap and holler when the Cowboys did something good (we are loud and excited fans), which was most of the game, but it was so funny, because then Cheyenne would start clapping too!! So Cheyenne was cheering on the Cowboys with Momma and Grandpa! It was precious! Time to get her a little jersey!!

She is also sitting on her own...I have been putting the Boppy behind her in case she fell over, but she uses that as a reason to fall over, so I don't put it there anymore and she will sit there for a long time. I have also set up her playpen in the den so she can sit in there and play sometimes or if I need to leave the room, she can play in there because now I can't leave her on the floor in the room by herself, since she is moving all over the place, rolling, scooting and getting ready to crawl. She loves to sit in her playpen and play with her toys...

As I type this, she fell over sort of to the side and back a little and she used her arm to sit herself back up. I think using the side of the playpen helped because she is so close to doing it when she is on the floor.

Cheyenne finally has two front teeth!! After 3 1/2 months of teething swelling, pain and fussiness off and on, her two bottom teeth finally broke through on Christmas day!! Now they are almost all of the way in and she loves to grin really big and show them off. She also takes her tongue and stick it out down her chin and it took me a while to figure out what she was doing and she is feeling her teeth against her tongue. She also takes the tip of her tongue and flicks it against her teeth and sometimes she takes her fingernails and scrapes them across her teeth...she is totally in awe of her new teeth and it is so cute!!

She is also just about ready to start crawling. She will get up on all fours and is getting much better at it and is getting stronger. Most of the time, when I go to get her up from her nap, she is back there on her hands and knees, so it won't be long...she will get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth, which is the first step to crawling...before I know it, she will really be all over the place and then pulling up on things and then WALKING!!! Oh no....where is the pause button???